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Non Electric Water Purifier


Our Products

Non electric water purifiers works without electricity water purifiers works without electricity. They uses gravity or water pressure as power to purifying water.



  • Zero B Suraksha safeguards your family
  • Gives 7500 litres of bacteria and virus free drinking water at a flow rate of 2litres/min
  • It is designed to fit any tap size and comes with a free adaptor inside
  • It protects well-being against water borne diseases


Puriline 4 Litres

  • Safe and natural tasting water from puriline 4
  • Effectively removes bacteria and viruses
  • It has higher dispensing capacity of 4 litres per minute
  • There is only food grade material used inside

Suraksha Plus Pro

  • Suraksha Plus Pro is non electric water purifier with 4 Stages water purification has Washable Hi-Q filter, Bacteriostatic activated carbon, Active disinfectant and Special magnitube